Wampler Euphoria Overdrive (previously Named Ecstasy) First Contact

Wampler Dracarys Fan AdWampler Dracarys Fan Ad
quick little promo I made for the wampler dracarys that was released on March 1, 2017 with a quick clip of where it s name came from. The pedal is being used ...
Wampler Euphoria Pedal Esctacy PedalWampler Euphoria Pedal Esctacy Pedal
Official wampler Site When wampler created the circuit that would eventually become the ...
Strat Alonso, Wampler euphoria, Argie.Strat Alonso, Wampler euphoria, Argie.
Wampler Ecstasy and Boss SD 1Wampler Ecstasy and Boss SD 1
Guitar fender strat with 57 62 pickups amp Blackstar HT1R recorded with a Blue Mikey Digital and an iPod Touch.
Wampler EcstasyWampler Ecstasy
Apologies once more for the mini barrage of videos. My pal Gareth was kind enough to loan me these pedals which I recorded short demos of and my laptop ...
Marshall Class 5 Wampler EcstasyMarshall Class 5 Wampler Ecstasy
Cranking up the class 5 and then pushing it with the Ecstasy. This thing is so darn loud. My ears were definitely hurting after this one
RsGuitarworks tele,Vintagesound amp,Wampler EcstacyRsGuitarworks tele,Vintagesound amp,Wampler Ecstacy
Rs Guitarworks blackguard guitar, Vintagesound 22 head with boogie Thiele cab with Electrovoice speaker, wampler ecstacy pedal.
Wampler Euphoria Overdrive previously named Ecstasy First contactWampler Euphoria Overdrive previously named Ecstasy First contact
Demo of a wampler euphoria overdrive pedal effect. first contact with this amazing overdrive unit. amp marshall 1923C 85th Anniversary Combo ...
Wampler Ecstacy Euphoria Overdrive Fender Eric Clapton StratocasterWampler Ecstacy Euphoria Overdrive Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster
clapton strat middle pick up, mid boost turned up into wampler ecstasy crunch setting now called euphoria I think , into 65 drri.
Wampler Ecstasy Euphoria Hermida Audio ZendriveWampler Ecstasy Euphoria Hermida Audio Zendrive
Just a short clip of these to fantastic dumble sounding pedals.
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