Top 10 Ace Attorney Moments

My Top 10 Moments in Ace AttorneyMy Top 10 Moments in Ace Attorney
Top 10 Ace Attorney SongsTop 10 Ace Attorney Songs
To really kick off ace attorney Month, I go down my favorite ace attorney musical pieces. From emotional to epic, these songs are some of the greatest in ...
Top Ten Ace Attorney Villains Part 2 5 1 with Countdown BleckTop Ten Ace Attorney Villains Part 2 5 1 with Countdown Bleck
really fucking sorry with the delays. A few issues that happened but it s finally up. I hope this one was worth the wait. part 1 ...
Top 5 Favorite Ace Attorney CasesTop 5 Favorite Ace Attorney Cases
I love the ace attorney franchise, and this time I actually get to talk positive about it You guys have requested it for a while and I m finally delivering Check out ...
My Top 10 Ace Attorney Breakdowns As of 2012My Top 10 Ace Attorney Breakdowns As of 2012
UPDATE So, it s been 4 years since this video was posted, so it s kinda outdated... If you have your thoughts on your 1 breakdown, post it on the comments ...
Top 10 Favorite Ace Attorney CharactersTop 10 Favorite Ace Attorney Characters
How do you make a who dun it into a fantastically stylized mystery. You add great characters. And ace attorney is full of them.
Top 5 Most Absurd Ace Attorney MomentsTop 5 Most Absurd Ace Attorney Moments
ace attorney can have some weird moments. Here 5 of the weirdest. Bird Murder Case Article ...
Top 10 Layton vs. Phoenix Wright PuzzlesTop 10 Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Puzzles
My top 10 puzzles from the new for the US Professor layton vs. phoenix wright 3DS game Also, if you use the hashtag TeamWright on twitter, you might win ...
Top 10 Ace Attorney CasesTop 10 Ace Attorney Cases
Before I played the ace attorney games, I never knew how exciting a courtroom could possibly be, but after countless cross examinations, objections, and ...
Top 10 Ace Attorney MomentsTop 10 Ace Attorney Moments
And so... this 1st countdown of ace attorney Month begins. Let s hope we will prove that worth. Today we talk about moments.
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