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Ten 2002Ten 2002
A visual social examination in the form of ten conversations between a driving woman and her various pick ups and hitchhikers. Directed by abbas kiarostami ...
Las 100 mejores películas del siglo XXILas 100 mejores películas del siglo XXI
100. Toni Erdmann Maren Ade, 2016 100. Requiem for a Dream Darren Aronofsky, 2000 100. Carlos Olivier Assayas, 2010 99. The Gleaners and I Agnès ...
Tolga Karaçelik RöportajıTolga Karaçelik Röportajı
Palto film Günleri nde Bakınız kameraları önüne geçen önemli bir yönetmen de Sarmaşık ile sinemamıza yine farklı bir dokunuş sunan tolga Karaçelik oldu.
Alumbramiento Victor Erice, 2002Alumbramiento Victor Erice, 2002
short for ten Years Older The Trumpet anthology.
Open Conversation with Abbas KiarostamiOpen Conversation with Abbas Kiarostami
The iranian filmmaker abbas kiarostami meets with students in Professor Mehrzad Boroujerdi s Politics of the Middle East course on April 2, 2014 at Syracuse ...
Scene from The Wind Will Carry UsScene from The Wind Will Carry Us
A film crew travels to a remote iranian village in order to document the unique burial rituals carried out for an old dying woman.
Scene from Taste of CherryScene from Taste of Cherry
Mr. badii Homayoun Ershadi drives around Tehran in hopes of finding someone willing to burry him after he commits suicide. Shot mostly in or around badii s ...
The Frozen Rose Short Film English SubtitlesThe Frozen Rose Short Film English Subtitles
The frozen Rose is a short iranian film about a young girl s determination and hope to see her father again, despite the fact that he had already been martyred ...
Soundtrack of Shirin Forque Eshgh Abbas KiarostamiSoundtrack of Shirin Forque Eshgh Abbas Kiarostami
soundtrack of shirin forque eshgh abbas kiarostami Record Shirin, 2008 Music hossein dehlavi hossein dehlavi Web ...
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