Sochin Dachi

Karate1 Salzburg Sandy Scordo SOCHINKarate1 Salzburg Sandy Scordo SOCHIN
Sandy scordo France performing the kata sochin at the Karate1 Premier League championships in Salzburg, Austria. She placed 3rd.
Karate Stances Shotokan Stances Fudo Dachi Immovable StanceKarate Stances Shotokan Stances Fudo Dachi Immovable Stance
karate stances video. shotokan stances. fudo dachi immovable stance . This is one of the more advanced shotokan stances, ...
Lucio Maurino teaching kata Sochin Karate All Stars 2013Lucio Maurino teaching kata Sochin Karate All Stars 2013
lucio maurino Sensei teaching kata sochin and its bunkai during karate All Stars 2013 , the international seminar organized by lucio maurino s Sportivart and ...
Sochin CommentarySochin Commentary
sochin is an advanced kata that is very often performed in tournaments. It is a powerful kata with strong stances. This video explains each move of the kata ...
Karaté positions dachi SF Karate TrainingKaraté positions dachi SF Karate Training
Perfectionnez vos positions de base dachi avec Sonia FIUZA pour réussir votre passage de grades.
Karaté cours 2 positions dachiKaraté cours 2 positions dachi
Apprendre les positions de base du karaté. Le zenkutsu dachi, le kokutsu dachi, kiba dachi, le sochin dachi, neko ashi dachi, sanchin dachi, shiko dachi.
Sochin DachiSochin Dachi
sochin dachi
Sochin Shotokan KarateSochin Shotokan Karate
The most popular image associated with kata is that of a karate practitioner performing a series of punches and kicks in the air. The kata are executed as a ...
Mastering Sochin Fudo Dachi Tension, Upper Lower Body Timing by Shihan Marcel Lussier 7th Dan IKDMastering Sochin Fudo Dachi Tension, Upper Lower Body Timing by Shihan Marcel Lussier 7th Dan IKD
Hosted by Budo ikd Manitoba Shihan Marcel Lussier, 7th dan ikd Join today for ...
Kata SOCHIN by Luca Valdesi 2012Kata SOCHIN by Luca Valdesi 2012
The kata sochin performed by former World Champion luca valdesi of Italy. He placed second. Visit for more info, videos and ...
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