Sialolithiasis Parotid

sialolithiasis also termed salivary calculi, or salivary stones , is a condition where a calcified mass forms within a salivary gland, usually in the duct of the ...
Salivary Duct Stone CalculiSalivary Duct Stone Calculi
This video depict removal of left submandibular duct stone calculi . This condition affects most commonly the submandibular glands, followed by the parotid ...
Mouth Stones Salivary Stone Popping RemovalMouth Stones Salivary Stone Popping Removal
Tonsil removal tool kit from Amazon B head removal tool kit Blemish tool kit with Gloves ...
face region parotid regionFace region parotid region
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parotid duct ligationParotid duct ligation
parotid fistula surgery by parotid duct ligation.
Huge Sialolith from submandibular salivary gland.......Submandibular Salivary Stone removal,Huge Sialolith from submandibular salivary gland.......Submandibular Salivary Stone removal,
sialolithiasis is the most common disease of salivary glands. It is estimated that it affects 12 in 1000 of the adult population.1 Males are affected twice as much as ...
Parotid Duct SialolithParotid Duct Sialolith
These images demonstrate a subcentimeter hyperdensity in the right parotid duct with upstream dilation of the duct and asymmetric hyperdensity of the right ...
Popping Stones Salivary Stone RemovalPopping Stones Salivary Stone Removal
In this video we feature two removals of salivary stones. We show you one up close and we also show some cool images of kidney stones and what is being ...
Removing my own salivary gland stoneRemoving my own salivary gland stone
This is a video of me removing a salivary gland stone, or a sialolith, from my submandibular salivary gland right under your tongue . It s not like I decided to do ...
Sialendoscopy stone removal from parotid glandSialendoscopy stone removal from parotid gland
A functioning gland saved.
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