Povray Linux Tutorial

Rendering Images in VMD Using Tachyon, POV Ray, Snapshot in WindowsRendering Images in VMD Using Tachyon, POV Ray, Snapshot in Windows
How To POV Ray Lesson 05How To POV Ray Lesson 05
In this short video I introduce a few new things. I show how to comment code so that it is not part of the scene, I introduce the background command that ...
Lesson 1 on POV RayLesson 1 on POV Ray
Introduction to pov ray Making it draw spheres with a sky background.
How To POV Ray, Lesson 01How To POV Ray, Lesson 01
This is the first of my getting started videos showing you how to create wonderful images with the pov ray ray tracer. In this video, you get to see the first ...
How To POV Ray, Lesson 06How To POV Ray, Lesson 06
In this video we get to build our first model,a jet engine We also introduce the scale , declare , while , end , torus and triangle commands.
How To Use LDD to Pov RayHow To Use LDD to Pov Ray
You needed help, here it is. Glad I could help. Want to see my rendered images Check them out at
Lesson 6 on POV RayLesson 6 on POV Ray
Surfaces of Revolution sor objects with image maps applied.
How To POV Ray Lesson 07How To POV Ray Lesson 07
In this lesson I introduce all of the CSG Constructive Solid Geometry commands union, difference, merge and intersection. We also get a glimpse of the rgbf ...
Pov ray tutorialPov ray tutorial
Lesson 3 on POV RayLesson 3 on POV Ray
Creating a cylinder, box, cone, and torus.
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