Pacarana Kyma

Kyma X.82 3d Morph on iPadKyma X.82 3d Morph on iPad
using one of the new Morph3d objects to morph among a re synthesized Tuva singer, bongo, flute, angry cat, female voice, violin, cat meow, and shakuhachi ...
420 Pacarana420 Pacarana
garble garble™ free samples here
Symbolicsound Kyma IntroToSourcesModifiersCombinersSymbolicsound Kyma IntroToSourcesModifiersCombiners
kyma X is an incredibly flexible and powerful sound design environment being used in ...
Kyma Ambiences vol. 1 USO003Kyma Ambiences vol. 1 USO003
24 bit 96kHz Royalty free sound design Collection kyma ambiences is the third sound effects bundle created by Matteo Milani U.S.O. Project . The generation ...
Kyma Sound Design Multigrid Resynthesis Spectral Analysis ExperimentKyma Sound Design Multigrid Resynthesis Spectral Analysis Experiment
A multigrid of source and processing algorithms all created with speech files.
Kyma Grain Clouds ProcessingKyma Grain Clouds Processing
In this video, Meta Function demonstrate various granular synthesis techniques with a symbolic sound Paca sound computer running kyma 7.
A demo of the kyma software by symbolic sound in NYC 2009.
KISS2012 How to Compose with Kyma.movKISS2012 How to Compose with
kiss2012 how to compose with kyma Joel Chadabe.
SonicEmotion Performer NeverEngineLabs WireFrames Kyma 7.1SonicEmotion Performer NeverEngineLabs WireFrames Kyma 7.1
a bit later on today working.... XY co ordinates this time. Can t quite seem to get them to correlate in the visualisations but that doesn t quite matter at this point.
Sample Selection in XY Space Demo KymaSample Selection in XY Space Demo Kyma
Selecting a portion of audio using the Wacom Tablet. Credit goes to Ted Coffey for the idea. It s his. Took his description and implemented the paradigm inside ...
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