Juan dela cruz episode 5

Juan Dela Cruz Episode 161Juan Dela Cruz Episode 161
juan relinquishes the cross of steel to kael in exchange for Ben and Coraメs lives, but when kael breaches the deal, juan gets so angry that he transforms into ... 926254
Juan Dela Cruz Episode 5Juan Dela Cruz Episode 5
juan fails to stay away from trouble while growing up and he uses his extraordinary strength to defend himself. He gets involved in illegal gambling and uses his ... 120270
My Little Juan Episode 85My Little Juan Episode 85
Though juan and asiong are able to send one of the burglars behind bars, their search for the cross of steel remains futile. juan also helps asiong get out of a ... 019269
Watch Erich Gonzales in Juan Dela Cruz Full Episode 2Watch Erich Gonzales in Juan Dela Cruz Full Episode 2
Date Aired February 5, 2013 He is next to the lineage of the guardians but has no idea that the blood of an aswang also runs through his veins. Siya ang ... 418530
Juan Dela Cruz Episode 6Juan Dela Cruz Episode 6
After years of relentless searching, juan finally finds Poldo and the cross of Steel. Meanwhile, kael leads the investigation on a series of killings rumored to be ... 698436
Juan Dela Cruz Episode 62Juan Dela Cruz Episode 62
kael and samuel refuse to give in to Laura s request to stop their communication with the Tagabantay. father and son insist that the only way to defeat their ... 129984
Juan Dela Cruz Episode 57Juan Dela Cruz Episode 57
juan and Julian fight side by side to defeat omar and take him to the Kapatiran for questioning. however, juan is soon forced to slay omar after the latter attacks ... 010955
My Little Juan Episode 5My Little Juan Episode 5
With juan s best interests in mind, father Cito resolves to teaching juan how to control his abilities. however, juan is compelled to break his promise to never ... 228589
Juan Dela Cruz Episode 1Juan Dela Cruz Episode 1
Long ago, humans waged war against the creatures of darkness, the aswang. With the help of the legendary cross of steel and King Mangaraw s bravery, they ... 849721
Juan Dela Cruz Episode 54Juan Dela Cruz Episode 54
As samuel convinces juan to work for him as a vigilante, juan is led closer to the idol of Saragnaya. Unaware of the idolメs oracle, juan touches the idol of ... 559166

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