How To Trim A Hedgehog's Nails

Hedgehog Care How to clip nailsHedgehog Care How to clip nails
In this video I show how to clip african pygmy hedgehog nails. It is fairly simple, espcially if your hedgehog is calm and tame. I suggest using standard human ...
Trimming Hedgehog s FingernailsTrimming Hedgehog s Fingernails
Taylor Hay Ethynn Tanner trimming Olive, the hedgehog s fingernails.
Hedgehog nail trimming Untame HedgehogHedgehog nail trimming Untame Hedgehog
how I trim our untame hedgehogs nails. I use 2 different methods one with patient and another with water. My own personal favorite is the patient one. Sådan ...
Trimming Hedgehog Toenails Tips and TechniquesTrimming Hedgehog Toenails Tips and Techniques
I know I used to have a tough time when it came to doing my hedgehog s nails, so I thought I would make a video on a few of the techniques you can use that ...
Bathing and Trimming a Hedgehog s nailsBathing and Trimming a Hedgehog s nails
Kind of short, but Cricket, my hedgehog, was being a little uncooperative
Hedgehog Care How to cut your hedgehogs nailsHedgehog Care How to cut your hedgehogs nails
how to clip your hedgies nails comment about what you thought of the background music.
Hedgehog Trimming nails MilaHedgehog Trimming nails Mila
This is african pygmy hedgehog named Mila. She is a grump, and not as easygoing as Ebba, so as you can see, i use a completely different technique when ...
How to trim an aggressive hedgehog s nailsHow to trim an aggressive hedgehog s nails
So I ve got quite a bit of negative feedback for this video, saying its not helpful at all, or that I m doing it wrong. I ve had hedgehogs for years, I rescued a ...
Hedgehog Care How to Cut a Hedgehogs Nails Smoosh Method feat. DracoHedgehog Care How to Cut a Hedgehogs Nails Smoosh Method feat. Draco
READ ME Hi everyone This method is for hedgehog owners who do not want to give their hedgehogs frequent baths and that have hedgehogs that are ...
Nail Clipping for the Grumpy Hedgehog.wmvNail Clipping for the Grumpy Hedgehog.wmv
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