How To Make Someone Pass Out

how to pass out in schoolHow to pass out in school
Simple Pressure Point KnockoutSimple Pressure Point Knockout
watch how easy it is to knock an attacker out when targeting pressure points. Sensei Nigel Lee demonstrates how little force is actually required when striking ...
How to make someone pass outHow to make someone pass out
Very funny got to see.
How To Make ChloroformHow To Make Chloroform
In this video I show how to make chloroform from the haloform reaction. Do not use the information shown in this video for malicious purposes.
How to put someone asleep😴How to put someone asleep😴
via YouTube Capture.
Self Defense Pressure Points Self DefenseSelf Defense Pressure Points Self Defense
watch more Basic self defense Moves videos Okay so now we re going to ...
How to Make someone Pass Out InstantlyHow to Make someone Pass Out Instantly
Survival Skills 101 How To Choke A Bad Guy Out In A Self Defense SituationSurvival Skills 101 How To Choke A Bad Guy Out In A Self Defense Situation
The Rhino shows you how to use a Mata Leao otherwise known as The Rear Naked choke ...except you have your clothes on. This move is used to make ...
how to make someone passoutHow to make someone passout
it really works.... like no lie.
How to make someone pass out SickHow to make someone pass out Sick
Do wat the video shows u P.s. have fun.
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