How To Make A Regency Bonnet

Making a Regency Dress 1 IntroductionMaking a Regency Dress 1 Introduction
Introduction to my newest sewing project a regency dress inspired by the works of jane Austen.
Covering A Regency Stovepipe Bonnet FrameCovering A Regency Stovepipe Bonnet Frame
part 2 of my little stovepipe bonnet materials goes over the process of covering and decorating the stovepipe bonnet frame created using my bonnet Pattern.
Choosing a Regency BonnetChoosing a Regency Bonnet
How To Make an Heirloom Baby Bonnet with Kathy McMakin on It’s Sew Easy 801 2How To Make an Heirloom Baby Bonnet with Kathy McMakin on It’s Sew Easy 801 2
Subscribe to our Channel Kathy McMakin uses today s machines to make a precious heirloom baby bonnet you ll ...
Regency and Baby bonnetsRegency and Baby bonnets
Quote jane Austen Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan, The watsons and Sanditon. Oxford World s Classics, ISBN 978 0 19 5 Links to pictures of the ...
Part 2 making my 1840s bonnet.Part 2 making my 1840s bonnet.
part 2 of how I have made my bonnet. Includes how to make piping. And attaching bias binding with a gathered brim. part 1 part 3 ...
Altering a Straw Hat Tutorial For Historical CostumesAltering a Straw Hat Tutorial For Historical Costumes
Not sure how many people this will interest, but it was a fun video to make This is a cheap and easy way to turn a modern straw hat into something more suitable ...
I made a poke bonnetI made a poke bonnet
A project I have been meaning to do for ages and it only took a couple of hours Thank you to all who posted how to videos on this subject, I am very happy with ...
Pioneer Style BonnetPioneer Style Bonnet
Learn how to make a pioneer style bonnet.
Part 1 Sewing my 1840s bonnet fixed videoPart 1 Sewing my 1840s bonnet fixed video
My last upload had an annoying flicker. Hopefully now it s fixed. This is how I made my 1840s style bonnet. Will be in 3 or more parts all links to next parts will be ...
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