How To Make A Person Unconscious With Chloroform

sniffing chloroformSniffing chloroform
What happens when you sniff chloroform
How to unconscious someone from neckHow to unconscious someone from neck
Asian Chloro and UnconsciousAsian Chloro and Unconscious
How to make someone unconciousHow to make someone unconcious
Making someone unconcious without any equipment.
How to make ChloroformHow to make Chloroform
In this video we make chloroform from bleach and acetone. The yield is a little lower than expected because I used an 11 excess of acetone, which is too much ...
How to make a person unconsciousHow to make a person unconscious
RIP my head
Date Rape DrugDate Rape Drug
How to put someone asleepšŸ˜“How to put someone asleepšŸ˜“
via YouTube Capture.
How To Make ChloroformHow To Make Chloroform
In this video I show how to make chloroform from the haloform reaction. Do not use the information shown in this video for malicious purposes.
Chloroform How ToChloroform How To
Chloroform, or trichloromethane, is an organic compound with formula CHCl3. It is a colorless, sweet smelling, dense liquid that is produced on a large scale as ...
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