How To Give An Insulin Shot

Injection with insulin penInjection with insulin pen
I mostly use my insulin pump but I just wanted to demonstrate how I give myself an injection.
Painless Lantus Insulin InjectionPainless Lantus Insulin Injection
Painlessly taking a a lantus or any insulin injection.
How to do an Insulin InjectionHow to do an Insulin Injection
A short video guide about insulin injections. Produced by the UCLH children and young people s diabetes service.
How to Give Yourself InsulinHow to Give Yourself Insulin
Easy to follow instructions on how to give yourself an insulin shot for diabetes. From the ACP Foundation.
How to Inject Insulin HHCHow to Inject Insulin HHC
An instructional guide to injecting insulin.
How to Do an Insulin Shot in your StomachHow to Do an Insulin Shot in your Stomach
Quick tips and tricks on how to do an insulin shot in your stomach so it doesn t hurt. Go to for more
How to use SoloStar Pen for Injecting Lantus Glargine and Apidra Glulisine InsulinHow to use SoloStar Pen for Injecting Lantus Glargine and Apidra Glulisine Insulin
how to use SoloStar pen for injecting lantus glargine and apidra Insulin.
How to Use an Insulin Pen Mayo Clinic Patient EducationHow to Use an Insulin Pen Mayo Clinic Patient Education
In this short video, a certified diabetes educator from mayo clinic explains the equipment and process for using an insulin pen for people with diabetes.
How to Administer InsulinHow to Administer Insulin
people with diabetes cannot use food for energy the usual way because they do not have insulin, or insulin does not do its job correctly in their bodies. insulin is ...
How to Give an Insulin ShotHow to Give an Insulin Shot
Nicole Johnson demonstrates how to give an insulin shot. Watch to find out more about how to give an insulin shot, different insulin types, methods of delivery, ...
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