How I Maintain My Curly Hair Memekeeley

Curly Hair how to keep your curls fresh for up to 3 or 4 days tips tricksCurly Hair how to keep your curls fresh for up to 3 or 4 days tips tricks
this is a quick video on how I keep my curls looking fresh for more than 3 days.
How I create Volume memekeeleyHow I create Volume memekeeley
Hi Guys Heres a video on how I create volume in my hair I do this when I want my curls to be so bouncy and when I want to rock my hair nice and big I hope ...
How to Keep Your Curly Hair HealthyHow to Keep Your Curly Hair Healthy
Hi curly girls I have not always had healthy hair. Back in September 2012 when I started my curly hair journey I didn t know anything about curly hair.
How I maintain my Curly Hair memekeeleyHow I maintain my Curly Hair memekeeley
DISCLAMER Im not claiming to be a hair expert or to say you should do this It was requested and its what i do. Ive been doing this for a year and my hair has ...
Different ways to wear Curly Hair memekeeleyDifferent ways to wear Curly Hair memekeeley
here are some quick and easy styles that can be used to jazz up your curly hair Hey, you could even try them with straight or wavy hair, whatever makes you ...
Easy Curly Hair Up Do memekeeleyEasy Curly Hair Up Do memekeeley
here is a cute Up Do that is great to have your hair up and still look great I came up with this when I was looking for a new style instead of having my hair just ...
How I stretch my curls memekeeleyHow I stretch my curls memekeeley
My hair can sometimes shrink so much, I m left with half my length So here s what I do to help combat it Previous video life Update ...
Winter Curly Hair Care memekeeleyWinter Curly Hair Care memekeeley
how I keep my hair happy in the crazy cold I have a confession to make...I have hand in hair syndrome I absolutely LOVE to touch my hair and play with it.
My Curly Hair Routine memekeeleyMy Curly Hair Routine memekeeley
Contact me... Tumblr Twitter memekeeley here is my routine of bringing life back into my curls I usually do this when my ...
How To Wash Curly Hair memekeeleyHow To Wash Curly Hair memekeeley
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