Crossfire Any Room For Compromise On Abortion

Crossfire AbortionCrossfire Abortion
In the Crossfire Where are the jobsIn the Crossfire Where are the jobs
crossfire hosts Stephanie Cutter and S.E. Cupp debate solutions to unemployment with Tim Pawlenty and Robert Reich.
Ben Nelson Explains Abortion CompromiseBen Nelson Explains Abortion Compromise
Lila Rose Exposing the Abortion Industry LIFE TodayLila Rose Exposing the Abortion Industry LIFE Today
The undercover reporter who exposed Planned Parenthood s sex trafficking and abortion efforts talks about her goals and methods in bringing the truth to light.
CNN New fight on abortion rightsCNN New fight on abortion rights
cnn s Dana Bash reports on a new bill that aims to redefine certain abortion rights.
Widow My whole world was shatteredWidow My whole world was shattered
Nicole Oulson speaks for the first time publicly after the shooting of her husband in a movie theater.
The Abortion Of All Of HumanityThe Abortion Of All Of Humanity
During the week of the anniversary of The landmark Supreme Court ruling of Roe Vs. Wade, Alex focuses on the realization that the elite are performing a slow ...
Congressman Fincher Takes A Stand Against Dr. Gosnell, AbortionCongressman Fincher Takes A Stand Against Dr. Gosnell, Abortion
My remarks on the House floor today regarding the atrocious dr. Kermit Gosnell abortion trial.
Pro Choice or Pro Life...Tough IssuePro Choice or Pro Life...Tough Issue
Does the issue of pro life pro choice have to be completely one or the other Can the President lead the government in finding a middle ground that brings ...
In the Crossfire Abortion exception for rapeIn the Crossfire Abortion exception for rape
crossfire host Newt Gingrich and Sally Kohn debate abortion rights with lila rose and Ilyse Hogue. More from cnn at To license video ...
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