Bani Episode 180

Kasamh Se Episode 181Kasamh Se Episode 181
jai asks pia if bani liked pushkar. pia tells him that she did. jai tells masi that he has lost his baby. pushkar decides to take bani home who is in a state of shock.
Kasamh Se Episode 182Kasamh Se Episode 182
The family members try their best to make bani regain her memory. Anu stays back at home with bani while the family members go for a religious discourse.
Afsar Bitiya Episode 180 24th August 2012Afsar Bitiya Episode 180 24th August 2012
Watch latest Afsar Bitiya Episodes.
Kasamh Se Episode 191Kasamh Se Episode 191
Natvar introduces himself as Nachiket Barnali s son and warns jai to save his business in two hours. pushkar meets jai and give him an envelope which ...
Kasamh Se Episode 112 21 06 2006Kasamh Se Episode 112 21 06 2006
jai and bani go to Rustomjee hospital for the charity work. bani apologizes to him for pia s arrival. bani wonders why jai is so uncomfortable. bani is shocked to ...
Kasamh Se Episode 180Kasamh Se Episode 180
The doctor informs pushkar that bani has lost her child. masi is admitted in the hospital for being unwell. jigyasa sees bani there and is shocked to know that ...
Bulbulay Ep 180 ARY Digital DramaBulbulay Ep 180 ARY Digital Drama
bulbulay episode 180 only on ary digital Official YouTube Channel. bulbulay is about a quick witted, slapstick comedy that revolves around a family of four.
Kasamh Se Episode 186Kasamh Se Episode 186
jai gets upset after receiving a call from his lawyer. pia tries her best to persuade him. jai loses his temper and criticises bani and her. Here bani wishes to ...
Kasamh Se Episode 162Kasamh Se Episode 162
jigyasa is surprised to see that bani had been to her mother s house. jigyasa manages to lay her hands on bani s file which contain the papers of that house.
Kasamh Se Episode 150Kasamh Se Episode 150
jigyasa awaits Ranvir s arrival so that she can take control of the house and kick the three sisters out. Rano ask pia about pushkar. pia tells that loving and ...
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