Baal Veer Episode 148 2013

Baal Veer Episode 152 26th April 2013Baal Veer Episode 152 26th April 2013
baalveer tries to solve the puzzle Baalveer, Gaal pari and baal pari are still finding a way to reach where jeevan chakra is located. baalveer gets a series of ...
Baal Veer Episode 153 29th April 2013Baal Veer Episode 153 29th April 2013
bura baalveer s master plan All the members of Mahesh s family are extremely happy as manav s ear operation proved to be a successful one. bura baalveer ...
Baal Veer Episode 157 3rd May 2013Baal Veer Episode 157 3rd May 2013
Just when bhayankar pari thinks that baal veer is dead and that she can now rule over Parilok, all the residents of Parilok begin to regain their powers. She then ...
Baal Veer Episode 146Baal Veer Episode 146
bhayankar pari creates another baalveer Children s make fun of manav in the class. pari s are following tauba Tauba as they want to reach till Baalveer.
Baal Veer Episode 149 23rd April 2013Baal Veer Episode 149 23rd April 2013
baalveer punishes manav and meher manav and meher run for their life as Tommy chases them. baalveer punishes Manav. manav feels humiliated.
Baal Veer Episode 147 20th April 2013Baal Veer Episode 147 20th April 2013
bhayankar pari creates Kala baalveer bhayankar pari reveals to tauba Tauba that she has created a new kala baalveer which will accompany her in her ...
Baal Veer Episode 145Baal Veer Episode 145
montu harasses meher montu and his Friends insist meher to pour ink on one of her School mate. meher seeks for help from baalveer but baalveer fails to ...
Baal Veer Episode 154 30th April 2013Baal Veer Episode 154 30th April 2013
Fight between montu and Gorilla bura baalveer takes support of meher to enter in jeevan chakra as she is loyal and honest which makes her stand apart from ...
Baal Veer Episode 141Baal Veer Episode 141
baalveer gets trapped baalveer gets a huge shock as he comes to know about bhayankar pari s deadly master plan. baalveer is helpless. Natkhat pari gets to ...
Baal Veer Episode 156 2nd May 2013Baal Veer Episode 156 2nd May 2013
Fight between bura baalveer and Accha baalveer meher gets a huge shock as bura baalveer reveals to her that she has helped him in destroying pari lok.
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