A Brittana Love Story :)

Abuse a brittana love story EP.10Abuse a brittana love story EP.10
monday outside of school with brittana santana smiles at brittany hey, im not quite ready to tell yet but, im getting there brittany grins really yay
Take Care A Brittana Story Ep.1Take Care A Brittana Story Ep.1
Enjoy. hope you guys like this. This one is a little different. brittany is a badass who runs into Santana. santana is a rich girl is brittany is not. santana and ...
The Assassin A Brittana Story Ep.1The Assassin A Brittana Story Ep.1
Enjoy guys. guys I love brittana and Faberry So I will be doing new stories on them.I ll see if I can do badass brittany today. Sweet Lady Kisses Proudly so.
A Brittana Story Love Is Love S1 Ep 12A Brittana Story Love Is Love S1 Ep 12
Alright guys let me know what you think. Also i wanted to say how excited i am to see the new season of Glee. It s going to be amazing I am so excited Woo
A brittana love storyA brittana love story
Made just for Mindy, a look back and brittany and santanas life as they walk down the aisle in the future from their childhood years into the 30 s, sorry if the ...
A Heya Love Story Episode 1A Heya Love Story Episode 1
hey guys, this is the first episode of my heya story. I will be posting episode 13 of my brittana story later. Please leave a comment and let me know what you ...
Brittana A Lovestory TrailerBrittana A Lovestory Trailer
A movie trailer about Brittana, hope you like it, i have others as well if your e interested. No copyright intended, i don t own anything, entertainment purposes ...
Abuse a Brittana love story EP. 24Abuse a Brittana love story EP. 24
after exams christmas break at santana s santana kuuurrttttt 3 days to christmas, are you gonna give me my present kurt laughs impatient as always ...
abuse ep.1 a Brittana love storyAbuse ep.1 a Brittana love story
hey its ep 1 a bit different from the plot inbox me if you have any ideas your dieing to see D hope you like it
A Brittana Love Story Episode 12A Brittana Love Story Episode 12
hey guys, I will be uploading the first episode of my heya story tomorrow. Here s episode 12. Please leave a comment and subscribe. Thank you
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