Valentines Gone WrongValentines Gone Wrong
kaelyn doesn t have a red marker... The most important tool for valentines making Part 3 7 of this SSGB mini series.
Kaelyn s Christmas DIYs Sparkly Christmas Slime MoreKaelyn s Christmas DIYs Sparkly Christmas Slime More
This weeks theme on sevensupergirls is Holiday DIYs. christmas is just around the corner, and kaelyn loves christmas So this week kaelyn decides to show ...
Kaelyn s Nighttime RoutineKaelyn s Nighttime Routine
This weeks theme on sevensupergirls is Freestyle. You guys have wanted to see an updated routine of mine for awhile, so at your request here is my Nighttime ...
Kaelyn s Forgotten BirthdayKaelyn s Forgotten Birthday
This weeks theme on sevensupergirls is forgotten kaelyn wakes up on her birthday, excited. She soon realizes throughout her day that NOBODY seems to ...
The Unlucky OneThe Unlucky One
kaelyn does a creepy skit about a little girl who disappears and it never found Is she a ghost
Kaelyn s Pink Slime AddictionKaelyn s Pink Slime Addiction
This weeks theme on sevensupergirls is kaelyn And The pink . kaelyn is in denial of her pink slime addiction. When is begins to affect her everyday ...
Kaelyn s Morning RoutineKaelyn s Morning Routine
kaelyn shows you her morning routine for school Hope you like it
SevenSuperGirls and the Frozen MermaidsSevenSuperGirls and the Frozen Mermaids
This week on sevensupergirls is... Orlando week In today s video the sevensupergirls find some mermaids at the door. What do they want What happens ...
Kaelyn Becomes a MermaidKaelyn Becomes a Mermaid
kaelyn receives her Fin Fun mermaid tail and cannot wait to give it a try watch as she has fun becoming a mermaid The mermaid tail winners were Abbey ...
SevenSuperGirls Try GymnasticsSevenSuperGirls Try Gymnastics
SevenGymnasticsGirls invited sevensupergirls to visit the gym and try gymnastics. watch to find out how the super girls got on. Check out ...
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